The nitty gritty

Géranium Consultants is an à la carte bilingual property service provided by Géranium Immobilier. 


The brainchild of partner Caroline Hiseman, the à la carte menu of services and advice has been carefully developed by Jo and Caroline to provide off-the-shelf solutions to property owners, landlords, vendors and buyers who would like to cherry pick the professional services of an experienced estate agency.

Established in 2009, Géranium has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell their properties but we have noticed that some clients prefer a more flexible approach and prefer to do much of the process of selling, renting or buying their property so our à la carte offering provides them with the support and advice of a professional agency only when they need it.

By cherry picking only the services they need, our customers enjoy huge flexibility but still feel supported and reassured.

Within our à la carte offering we cannot act as an intermediary between our customers (vendors/buyers/landlords/tenants) or negotiate on their behalf. If you need these kinds of services you will need to instruct as in the traditional way via a Mandat de Vente and pay us commission at the end of the sales process.


The services model provided by Géranium Consultants gives you complete flexibility and allows you to be in control the entire time only calling on us when you need our professional help or advice. 

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